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  1. The OSCAR and the INDIE Film by Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment Team

    April 22, 2015 by admin

    The Indie Film (Independent/non-studio produced motion picture) has become the dominant force in Oscar wins over the last decade. The 87th Oscar winners included “Birdman,” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel” (each winning four), with “Boyhood” scoring the supporting actress win and “Whiplash” garnering three wins. Looking at stats from the Independent Film and Television Alliance, in the last decade, Best Director and Best Picture winners have been indies over ten times, actors in indies have won an average of 5 – 7 times, and screenplay winners have averaged half the time, not to mention all of the technical categories. Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team are proud to be a part of this independent spirit.

    Studio output has lessened over the last decade and the indie film producers and production companies have been happy to take on the slack. Savvy producers, like Mary Aloe, are able to secure the funds and distribution without involving major studios. Major actors, screenwriters, and directors are just as happy to take on a project produced as an indie than from a major studio. Refer to the Oscar information from the first paragraph. And that is just a snippet of what there has been out there in the last decade.

    With the domination of the indie, producers like Mary Aloe and production companies like Aloe Entertainment, will be the stand outs in quality, quantity, artistry, box office, and award winners for decades to come.