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Talking about 55 STEPS starring Helena Bonham Carter, Hilary Swank and Jeffrey Tambor and Directed by Bille August

September 27, 2017 by admin   

55 STEPS in the news…..

’55 Steps’ Examines Issue in Psychiatric Hospitals We Don’t Talk About Enough


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Helena Bonham Carter in 55 STEPS: Women and Mental Illness in the Movies


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’55 Steps’ Helena Bonham Carter, Mental Patient & Hilary Swank, Her Lawyer



First Look & Clip: ’55 Steps’ Starring Helena Bonham Carter & Hilary Swank


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55 STEPS listing

55 Steps is based on the inspiring true story of Eleanor Riese, a mental illness patient, who brings a class action suit to give competent mental patients the right to have a say in their medication while they’re in a hospital, and Colette Hughes, the lawyer appointed to her case. Eleanor’s fight for justice goes all the way up to the Supreme Court of California and, despite a stormy start and Eleanor’s difficult personality, the two women develop a mutually rewarding relationship.